Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Thalia Zedek Band March Residency at TT The Bear's Place

This is the complete schedule of the Thalia Zedek Band March Residency at TT the Bear's Place in Cambridge , MA. Each night will see two albums performed in their entirety by the performers on the night. No two nights will be the same!

Mon March 4th- "STARTS" (2006) starring Drew O'Doherty
"Been Here and Gone" (2001) starring the TZ Band

Mon March 11th - "Paper Covers Stone" (2009) starring Willard Grant Conspiracy
"Trust Not Those in Whom Without Some Touch of Madness" (2004) starring the TZ Band

Mon March 18th- Incredible Love (2005) starring Chris Brokaw
"Liars and Prayers" (2008) starring the TZ Band

Mon March 25th - Brokeback and the Black Rock (2013) starring Brokeback
"Via" (2013) starring the TZ Band PLUS special guests Poof Pony from Brooklyn

Set times are 9:45 and 10:45 for the first three shows.

We have great love for all of the people playing on each of these nights and would encourage you to go early and often!

Advance tix for these shows are available at

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thalia Zedek Band and WGC at TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA March 11

We are very pleased to have been invited to play with the Thalia Zedek Band in celebration of their new release "Via" on Thrill Jockey Records.

We've been asked to play the record Paper Covers Stone. This will be the first time it has been played live in the US. The record came out a few years ago and was recorded by Pete Weiss in Vermont during a two day day session that included Sean O'Brien, David Michael Curry, Robert Fisher and Steve Wynn. Come help us celebrate with Thalia and the band!

Info for TT the Bears Place: