Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghost Repubic News

Like swollen headed moles we are mixing away, noses twitching and brows furrowing as the dials turn and the sounds send out roots and tendrils into the musical garden. We hope to head to harvest soon. The book version of the Ghost Republic looks to have a publisher for next spring. More on that soon as well.
There is a rumor that Robert may play a song or two from the record in the upcoming shows but that is unconfirmed.

Time to fly! And by flying, time travels.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jalapeño Wall

Two Wheel Art

DMC's Remote Sonic Assault Platform

Things We Like from This Week

The West Wing by Edward Gorey - a story without words.

Tatuaje Series P Short Robusto- a perfect small cigar

The Loves of Poets by Joseph Mills- evocative collage work

Moleskin Pocket Notebooks

Japanese Golden Curry

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith- a instruction guide to making handmade books

Horchata and Guava mix- A perfect Sunday morning mix!

World Series Underdogs San Francisco Giants- always a joy to see a team perform beyond expectations. The first two games of the World Series were fun to watch as a rooter for the underdog...even without one of our teams in the game!

Taylor GC8 Parlour Guitar- just wow.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Munich Moves Around! Friday the 23rd with the Moonband and the 25th Solo!

We've changed the dates for Munich to coincide with the start of the Christmas Markets! Not really, but it worked out that way so , why not! Come join us for a little holiday magic...or maybe some coal in a stocking!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WGC Solo in Munich! Revised Dates!

We are very happy to announce two (yes, for us it is a very rare and even risky thing to do) shows in Munich! One on Friday the 23rd and one Monday the 26th! You can see the details to the side. Robert will be playing some different songs each night...and maybe some of the same just in case you cannot be at both shows!

On Friday, we'll be playing with The Moonband ( and we are ecstatic! This is a band close to our collective hearts. Dave played viola on some of their recordings! This is the third year running that we have done a show together so it looks like a tradition in the making. Even if you cannot be in Munich, please check out their website and listen to their music!

We hope you will be able  to join us for these two nights of music.

The shows are being presented by Sofa Klub (, please visit the site for more information.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Willard Grant Cospiracy SOLO in London

 Or another way of saying that Robert will be playing and singing songs with a guitar. 

 This is the website for the Half Moon Pub in London:
The last time we played here it was a great time and we learned to love the music of The Monroe Transfer. Pennyblack Music Magazine ( ) is running the night and they always put on a dangerously good show. Tickets are available now.

 We hope you will be able to attend the entire night but come when you can and leave when you must!

Sometimes, Ghost Republic sounds like this...

                                          - Photo by David Michael Curry


Work continues on the new recordings. Alchemy and strings. Wood and wire. Very exciting!

Sunday Morning

One of the best things about Sunday Morning here in the desert! Tacos Al Pastor for breakfast!

Autumn Evening- Quartz Hill